How to do an Apple day on the HCG Diet

An Apple day is a way to help jump start your metabolism if you are struggling to lose weight on the HCG diet. An apple day can help get you back on track with your weight loss. You should do an apple day if you are having a plateau. A plateau is when you have not lost weight in 3 or more days on the HCG diet program. Overtime, the body can naturally correct a plateau, but this can speed up the process.. Women will see a plateau or even an increase a few days before and during their menstrual cycle/period. This is still due to about 2kg’s of water retention and it will correct itself. Stick to the protocol, there’s no need to do an apple day. If you are not on your menstrual cycle and you are experiencing no weight loss for 3 or more days, it’s time do an apple day. To do the apple day you will eat 6 apples from the beginning of the day until the end of the day. Spread your six apples out  throughout the day and only drink enough water to quench your thirst. (no other fluids are allowed on the apple day). You will still take our HCG drops / injections as usual.

Example of an Apple Day

Breakfast 2 x Green Apple Lunch 2 x Green Apple Snack Baked Dinner 2 x Green Apple. Don’t get frustrated, instead pay attention to how you feel, and think of how long you have been on the protocol and how much you have already lost during this round of the diet. You can prevent most stalls by sticking to protocol, avoiding eating too much salt, and drinking 2-3 Liters of water per day. If you do stall, wait the three days and begin your apple day. Before you know it, you’ll be back on track and losing weight again! Try not to use the apple day often as the more you do this, the less effective it will be. Make sure you really are experiencing a stall before going on the apple day.