Your Ultimate Guide To Breaking A Stall On The HCG Diet

When you are overcoming a challenge there are always road bumps. For many of our clients, this challenge comes from having a stall on the HCG Diet. When stalls happen be aware but do not get alarmed or discouraged. It is natural and they happen to everyone. Stay focused and remember these tips to get yourself past them.

Basic Trouble Shooting for A Stall on The HCG Diet

If you encounter a stall on the HCG Diet for a couple of days, review what you ate and make sure that you didn’t eat something that was off protocol. If you did, you don’t need to do anything to break your stall unless it lasts for more than three days. Usually a stall that is the result of a cheat only lasts for a couple of days before it corrects itself automatically.

During A Set Point

A plateau can also occur when you reach a former level of weight you were at for some time. This one can last even longer but will always correct itself. Go by how you feel. I have never gone beyond a 7 day plateau without doing an apple day or above protocol which always seems to get the scale going in the right direction.

During Your Menstrual Cycle

For woman they will also usually see a plateau or even an increase a few days before and during their period. This is still due to the body retaining water. This water  weight and it will correct itself. Stick to the diet!

The Apple Day

An apple day is when you each 6 apples in a 24 hour period. Begin at breakfast and eat 2 apples then 2 apples for lunch and 2 apples for dinner. Drink water,  ONLY TO QUENCH YOUR THIRST throughout that day. Then, the next day, AFTER YOU WEIGH, you continue phase 2 as normal.

The Temporary Increase

If you have done several rounds of the diet program and keep hitting stalls try something different than an apple day.  Instead, increase your calories to 800-1000 for 3-4 days by eating the same food but more of it.  You shouldn’t lose or gain but stay about the same.  Once you go back to 800 calories you should start losing weight again. This can help you jump start your metabolism.


If the above suggestions do not correct a plateau you are having, then it is almost always a dietary error or possibly oil your body is getting somewhere. Time to do some detective work. I have a list of questions to ask yourself, kindly send me an email to If you are good on all of them, be patient it will correct itself.  Just remember to pay attention to how you feel, how long you have been on the protocol and how much you have already lost this round.